Published on: August 19, 2014
Europe's Anti-Israel Complex
Edinburgh a Sad Symbol of Anti-Israeli Intolerance

Protests targeting an Israeli theater company in Scotland are the latest examples of the increasingly uncomfortable position of Jews across Europe.

Tom Gallagher is the author of Divided Scotland: Ethnic Friction and Christian Crisis (Argyll Publications, 2013). Manchester University Press will publish his next book, Europe’s Path to Crisis: Disintegration Through Monetary Union, in October.
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  • Avi_in_Jerusalem

    From what I hear from friends and family in the UK, this is, I am afraid, a good picture of what is going on.

    One of our friends, who is the historian of Scottish Jewry and lives in Glasgow informed us a couple of weeks ago of the flying of the Palestinian flag over Glasgow Town Hall.

    We expect more friends and family to join us here in Israel on a more permanent basis. This takes us back to the nineteenth century and early twentieth century when antisemitism and rejection of the Jews was a perfectly respectable attitude.

    • classieview

      Aka Tom Gallagher
      The Palestinian flag gesture led 600 Americans due to visit Glasgow for a convention to conclude that the city was not after all for them and they cancelled their trip.

      The Herald, Glasgow’s main newspaper has tended to back the anti-Israeli disrupters (or has refrained from expressing any real ccncerns about their actions) and certainly the dozens of letters following the article reflect the views of the militants.
      The Herald had a very different stance towards ethno-religious militancy in its midst in the 1930s as was mentioned in the article.

      Post-manufactuiring Glasgow relies unduly on the hospitality industry. If a more mature and public-spirited attitude from the city’s governors can only come after being badly hit in their pockets, then so be it.

    • Corlyss

      Interesting post. Thanks for the insight.

      This doesn’t take us back to the 19th century; it merely confirms once again that human nature remains pretty stable throughout history. It isn’t “fixable” or “curable.” Societies that don’t get that are doomed to repeated disappointments and failures.

  • qet

    Boy, stuff like this tends to answer that old head-scratcher, “How could Nazi Germany have happened?”
    Europe seems an entire continent of Bourbons: it has learned nothing and it has forgotten nothing.

  • Nevis07

    I’m and American who lived in Edinburgh for a year while attending graduate school. I have to say, that there absolutely is intolerance among many of the Scots I met there. And it’s not limited to just antisemitism. You also have to recognize that Glasgow and Edinburgh are truly multicultural societies and they have come to dominate the rest of the country in every sense and that there are so few native Scots in comparison to all of the people who have moved in. Not that this makes it acceptable of course but one can see how these views have emerged.

    While I was there, the Scottish Defense League put on a protest march one weekend through the city and I remember my friends (who are of a different ethnicity and skin color) basically confined themselves to their rooms for a day. Even I didn’t feel safe venturing out to the pub. I believe they at the time were targeting the sizable Muslim community in the city.

  • Corlyss

    I can’t figure out what’s gotten into the Scots of late. It seems like they strive to embody all the cloying saccharine multiculti chauvinism and Überlefty idiocy now on offer by Eurotrash elites. They used to be so practical and hard-headed, too skeptical to fall for obvious nonsense. Now they seem to elevate every flight of leftist BS to a moral imperative!

    • Tom

      I think a good chunk of the hard-headed, practical ones came over here.

  • Duperray

    European governments, philosophers, media and so on, having so long “supported” palestinians populations AND refusing the condamnation of palestinian terrorist acts, now yield this: Anti-Jew campaigns at the heart of Europe !!!
    We wonder why US & Canadian troops went on last 1944 at the cost of 3-400,000 dead young soldiers.
    Bravo for excessive blind, one-sided implementation of “Human Rights “… Are you proud of that, europeans?
    For those who still stigmatize Jews, they are ALSO Humans.
    So, stop criticize everybody and better for you to clean your brain backyard.

  • johngbarker

    I believe other Britons should create a committee, Friends for the Secession of Scotland.

  • Ken G

    It seems very obvious that the Jews of Europe are going to have to leave, and move to either Israel, the US, or Canada. Jew-hatred runs deep in the European soul, and has for thousands of years. Nothing will change them, especially now that they’ve apparently decided their future is under Islam. If I lived in a European country, I’d be keeping my escape plans updated on a weekly basis.

  • At some point Jews across the EU should remember their history and leave. In America, Canada, and even England you can me a Jewish member of society rather than a Jew living in their country. Maybe France will pull back from its bout of antisemitism, maybe not, but there are lost causes across the EU that just a few years ago were bastions of Jewish support. Be proactive, take your educated children, your resources, your desire to build a better future and leave the EU. It is not your responsibility to sit there and take it, it is your responsibility to look at the world as it is and make the best informed decision for your families future. Israel is not the only choice, neither is staying put.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I think a 94% reduction in the size of the Jewish community of Scotland since 1950 tells you all you need to know about this. In another few years there won’t any Jewish existence in Scotland at all. Israel can make a quick cost benefit estimate whether it’s even worth it to maintain full diplomatic relations with Scotland, independent or not in lieu of lower level trade relations only. What’s really the point? The Scots want a pogrom, they’ve pretty much got one, albeit in slow motion and if you so much as mention ‘Jew’ or ‘Israel’ you get 5,000 angry zipheads marching down the street ready to lynch someone. For God’s sake, Jews have a more vibrant existence in Tunisia at this point and those people bomb synagogues. It’s simply a toss up whether the last synagogue in Scotland will turned into a mosque or burned to the ground or used to house livestock.

    • LoneTreeBeer

      By the way, my wife is from Djerba (an island off the coast of Tunisia). The community there is very vibrant – and growing – compared to Glasgow which is in stagnant decay

  • FrancisChalk

    The Celtic descendants in Scotland and Ireland were once proud, fiercely independent peoples. They have gone Marxist/Socialist in a major way over the past 100 years and thus, anti-semitism comes easy to them now. How very, very sad.

  • Winston

    This is a slow motion pogrom going on across Europe. They use the demonization of Israel as a means to target and intimidate Jews. Synagogues are attacked. Supermarkets pull kosher foods off the shelf to appease a mob. And the hooligans are allowed to run riot without any condemnation from the state. In fact the “state” embraces the demonization. My great grand parents left Europe’s rotting corpse long ago. They read the writing on the wall, that they would never be accepted, just tolerated if at all. Once a government accepts this type of scapegoatism and bigotry, it is time to leave.

  • ThroatWobblerMangrove

    This is a real shame.

  • Hilary Jenkins

    You think it is bad now. Just wait until Scotland is independent and the civilising restraint of the English and Welsh is removed from the wilder Scots. Soon after independence the Scottish economy will collapse and they will blame the Jewish bankers of london. The Scots are a great people whose past achievements rival those of the Jews but now they are consumed with a destructive leftist bitterness. Behind it lies the rapid collapse of the Church of Scotland. Secularisation came late but fast .The void is being filled with radical nonsense and scapegoating the English and the Jews.

  • Every performer ought to have walked out of that festival, if they had had a shred of decency.

  • ronstack

    It will be heartbreaking if the Jewish communities of Western Europe are forced to decamp East or West. Jews became well integrated France (largest Jewish community after Israel and the US) and the UK after WWII and are making a comeback in places like Berlin and even Warsaw. Look at Amsterdam, whose police were unusually helpful in rounding up Jews, where the Anne Frank House has become a sort of secular shrine and the Jewish Quarter is on every tourist’s to-do list. This resurgence is due in part to an acknowledgement, at the highest level of each country’s institutions, of complicity in the Shoah, and a resulting moral obligation to help the Jewish community rebuild. Now, however, as a new generation is taking over European institutions, that collective memory, guilt and pain are dissipating, to be replaced by a bizarre set of rules that puts Israel on the same moral plane as Hamas and somewhere below Syria. To a modern Westerner, it seems impossible to believe, but to a veteran of 20th century life in Europe, I expect it will seem all too familiar.

  • Jaker30

    Europeans are passed Jew hating DNA from their mothers’ milk. Martin Luther, the Popes, the Crusades, blood libel, the Inquisition, The Protocols, it’s inbred. The Dutch are so proud of their Anne Frank museum. The Dutch don’t mention to the tourists that Anne and 80% of Dutch Jews were betrayed and eventually murdered. The Spaniards show off the old Synagogues. They are just museums. There are no Jews left. Why would any Jew want to live among such hate-filled people?
    Europe will again pay a steep price for this hatred—as it did after WWII —-when it has to deal with millions of non-integrated Muslims in it’s midst. I couldn’t think of a better reward.

  • FrancisChalk

    The Scots (and Irish) have been infected with the Marxist disease for going on a century now. Going down the same road always leads to the same place.

  • LoneTreeBeer

    As a former Glaswegian (with all my family still in Scotland) but having lived in Israel for the last 30 years, I am really disgusted with what’s happening there at the moment. On my frequent visits to Scotland, I rarely encounter any anti Israel sentiment – often, the exact opposite. It seems that many Scots are more concerned with radical Islam crawling under their kilts, rather than what happens in Israel. However, it appears that the whole political/media situation has been hijacked by the anti-zionists (anti-semites) so that the Middle East is reduced to a focus on Israel while ignoring the incredible human-rights atrocities that are carried out in the 22 neighbouring Arab countries.
    Scotland goes to the polls in September to vote on it’s independence – if the current politicians represent anybody, then I am very fearfully for the future of an independent Scotland.

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