Go Go GMOs
Math Trumps Malthus
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  • louis_wheeler

    Amusing. It’s said that the Generals always fight the last war; it seems that environmentalists do as well.

    Stories on the internet says that the northern hemisphere is experiencing the coldest August in since 1919. This fact, as well as new theory, is bringing Anthropogenic Global Warming into doubt. Satellites have shown no evidence of warming since 1998.

    Satellites have shown a greening of the earth. 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere is near historic lows; below half that figure photosynthesis stops working. More CO2 in the atmosphere means that plants don’t have to open their pores as wide, so they lose less water vapor. That allows them to survive in drought ridden territories.

    Even so, the above genetic search is necessary. Anything we do to improve yields means that more marginal land can be returned to nature. If farmers in Africa used modern seeds and farming methods, half of the land could lay fallow even at a higher standard of living.The Greens will fight this, because prosperity destroys their voter base. You can’t have a revolution unless the masses are disaffected.

    I keep reminding my Green friends to google the words “Holocene Optimum.” This was a period 7 to 8 thousand years ago when the Earth was 2.5 degrees Celsius warmer than now. It is where we got the idea of Eden. The rain forests were half again larger than now. The oceans were six feet higher, but we lost no farming regions since the upper latitudes of North America and Asia had long growing seasons. The Sahara was a grassland. But, the Greens would not want that; how could they use that to gain power?

    • Andrew Allison

      “Don’t confuse us with facts, we KNOW that AGW is what’s happening and that the results will be catastrophic.”

      • louis_wheeler


        But, every Environmentalist’s cause has been promoted as catastrophic. Yet, calamity fails to materialize.

        Aren’t you mad at the Earth for failing to kill most of us? Don’t you want 9/10ths of humanity to die? If you don’t, what kind of Environmentalist are you? A wimp?

    • Dan

      Let’s hope the computer models they use for this are better than the ones they use for modeling AGW

      • louis_wheeler

        Those computer models are part of the reason I oppose Public Schooling. The models don’t have to conform to reality. In fact, the more absurd, the better. Those scientists need to go into honest work. I hear that Ringling Brothers needs some clowns. LOL

  • Peripatetic

    “Abdallah Bari, a senior scientist at Syria-based International Center for Agricultural Research…” And here I thought my work-place environment was difficult!

    • B-Sabre

      The workplace is nice and the colleagues congenial, but the commute….oy.

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