ACA Fail Fractal
Obamacare "Fix" Means Double-Digit Rate Hikes
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  • ojfl

    A greatly conceived law with an even better execution. Lessons learned? Nothing.

  • Andrew Allison

    “. . . the bigger tragedy of the law is that we still have done next to nothing to make health care more sustainable over the long-term.” Amen to that! In fact, ACA has made the situation is worse by adding enormous government overhead to the insurance mess.

  • bigfire

    We’re still finding out what in the bills. Thanks Barack and Nancy.

  • lukelea

    “These year-on-year increases may not be quite as dramatic, but every year they bring us one step closer to a system we cannot afford any longer, period. ”

    Right. Our health care system is eating us alive. Keep in mind that this was happening way before Obamacare. What cannot go on forever will not. What happens next? My armchair prediction: Medicaid for all, supplemented by private insurance for those who can afford it.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Thanks for pointing out that the cost problem existed before Obamacare. Too many people seem to have forgotten that.

      As for your prediction, we want Medicare for all, and Medicaid for no one.

      • lukelea

        That might be what we want. I’m predicting what we will get — maybe. Probably wrong of course.

  • lord acton

    What would work for society doesn’t work for the doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, medical equipment companies and the politicians. That pretty much explains why we are where we are. The Rube Goldberg system that we have is a disaster. [Note, I am not saying we need single payer, which would be a bigger disaster]. I take some comfort from Stein’s Law – what can’t go on forever, won’t go on forever – but what comes next might suck even more…….

  • Boritz

    The group of insured singled out here, those who have remained on their current plans, are beneficiaries of the promise that they could keep their plan if they liked it. &nbspThat this is being paid for with other peoples’ money is a pedestrian function of the government.

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