If the GOP Takes the Senate...
Watch the Courts

Gridlock might not worsen, but a showdown over judicial appointments might be in the offing.

Appeared in: Volume 10, Number 1 | Published on: August 12, 2014
Kyle Kondik is managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, a nonpartisan political newsletter produced by the University of Virginia Center for Politics.
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  • rheddles

    A Supreme Court nomination requires a vacancy. No one on the court looks to resign in the next two years and no one appears to be in William Douglas condition. So what may be of more interest and less public attention is what happens to the inevitable circuit and district nominations. Much of the same analysis might apply, but I sense that the public would generate much less pressure over lower court vacancies than an empty seat at the supreme bench. A lot of decisions are made in the lower courts and they tee up the big issues for the supremes. This will be where the interesting inside game occurs.

  • FriendlyGoat

    I doubt whether even 25% of citizens understand how obstructive the current Senate has been, working with anonymous holds and the 60 vote threshold, even as more recently modified for certain appointments.
    Republicans have much enjoyed the use of the monkey wrench in the Senate while blaming the Democratic leadership. It won’t work as well when they “own” it in higher visibility.

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