The Middle East Aflame
Does New Money for Hamas Actually Raise Hopes for Peace?
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  • Mark Mazer

    “They hung to the horses’ tails, clung to their manes and the stirrups, closed in on every side in scorn of dangerous hoofs—and out of their infidel throats, with one accord, burst an agonizing and most infernal chorus: ‘Howajji, bucksheesh! howajji, bucksheesh! howajji, bucksheesh! bucksheesh! bucksheesh!’ I never was in a storm like that before.” Mark Twain

    • Breif2

      My first association was danegeld.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Hasn’t the Palestinian war with Israel dragged on long enough! It’s time to break their will to fight by killing and keep on killing until they break. I pray the Egyptians will hold firm for the extermination of these murderous scum who use their own people as human meat shields. In no way should they ever have a country or a safe area to reconstitute, total pursuit until they are finish off.

    • Pete

      Well put.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Yes, it’s the Egyptians’ job to discredit and destroy Islam as practiced by Hamas—and as practiced by ISIL, too, for that matter. The Saudis owe something to this effort as well, as do dozens of other nations which have harbored “the prophet” for too long.

  • gabrielsyme

    It’s notable that in July, the U.S. blocked
    a Qatari transfer of funds to Hamas. If it was Qatar, and the United
    States chose to look the other way this time, it could be that the
    outlines of some kind of agreement are taking shape.

    If the Obama administration is looking the other way on funding Hamas on the pretence of greasing a 3-day ceasefire, it’s hard to see it as anything but a sign of where Obama’s true sympathies lie.

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