How To Read Ukraine
Symbols and Side Notes in Kiev
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  • Andrew Allison

    The fallout from the West’s ill-conceived effort to bring Ukraine into the orbit of the EU continues apace. This may go down in history as the most monumental mistake since Yalta.

  • lukelea

    Those “military batallions” mentioned in the article, are they the same right-wing nationalist militants who helped bring down the elected government?

  • Duperray

    2004 orange revolution against pro-soviet oligarchs made no dead. Remeber this. Then the new president west minded, with his oligarchs friends, was ousted 5 years later. Then a pro-russian president was elected and himself and oligarchs friend were ousted las february, with about a hundred dead inclusive those killed by foreign mercenaries shooting from buidings’ top.
    Now a half elected president, under full west control (his office should better located in White House) sustains a heavy war against his population for 4 months, with 1200 dead at minimum and no end.
    In case Kiev succeeds to smash east milicia, be sure that Donbass population will pay a further heavy toll for “having assisted milicians”, which means gas and electricity shortages, heavy tax and so on. Revolt will never cease.
    It seems that this unfortunate Ukraine population flip flop from pro-russian oligarchs to pro-west oligarchs, the latter including soon Biden’s son!
    What is the difference between a western billionnaire and a ukrainian/russian oligarch? I dont see any, excepts that only Kiev-sided oligarchs own their private Army….. This is a Middle-Age concept, never occuring in Americas that Washington present (unsupported policy) approves!
    It is time for US population to wake up and defend US Constitutional Rights.

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