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Elections in Turkey
Foreign Policy Reset Unlikely Under President Erdogan

Turkey’s ambitious foreign policy has turned into a train wreck. Rather than dominating the Middle East, as its leaders had hoped, Turkey is more isolated and carries less regional influence than in a long time. Here is why a President Erdogan will be unlikely to reboot Turkish foreign policy, and why he may be forced to continue to look inward.

Published on: August 7, 2014
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  • Andrew Allison

    Perhaps, with EU membership effectively off the table, Erdoğan has decided to throw in his lot with the Sunnis. If so, as the news from Istanbul demonstrates, it’s a decision he will live to regret.

  • Attila_the_hun

    One of the most realistic analysts by far.. Turkey with or without Erdogan as president is pregnant to trouble future. But under president Erdogan the troubles will arrive much sooner. As the writers indicated Turkey’s economic success is all based on ME exports and most importantly on Saudi and Gulf Sheiks money laundering operation. Sooner rather than latter Turkish economy will tank which all indication are pointing to. When it does will be no petro dollars to rescue it. The wild card in Turkey’s future is KRG. Not if but when KRG declares independence all bet are off The ME will never be the same again.. I said it before I will say it again. I’ll not bet the farm on Turkey celebrating its centennial in one piece in 2023.

  • Pete

    Turks out of NATO, now!

  • Breif2

    “Erdogan … may be forced to continue to look inward”

    Erdogan has never struck me as much of a “look indard” person. 🙂

    “Thus it is entirely feasible that Turkey would increase its engagement with Eurasia, all the while trying to maintain cordial relations with Moscow.”

    We need a name for such a policy. How about “Zero Problems”?

    Anyone care to provide me with reading material about the motivations and goals of Erdogan/AKP’s Kurdish policy, from their perspective?

  • Kerim Diker

    The 52% vote shows that in Erdogan, the Turkish people have found the “Sultan” they have been looking for. I suggest writers of this article take a poll in the Middle East before reaching conclusions.

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