Arabs vs Hamas
Egypt Still Trying to Crush Hamas
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  • Eric J.

    I say turn Gaza back over to Egypt to administer. In return, give them a cut of the Leviathan gas field. Egyptian soldiers can kill as many Hamas terrorists and civilians as they want, and never make the A block of the evening news.

    • Ernst Bloefeld

      Egypt killed at least 1200 civilians over the past few months destroying Hamas tunnels and military infrastructure. Hadn’t seen much about this in the news have you though. I wonder why?

  • TRE

    Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization and it should be dealt with as such. Their Sharia aim is anathema to decent rulership of Egypt.

    Only Barack Hussein Obama and CNN pretend it’s acceptable to view Hamas as a pure lawful political organization.

  • ljgude

    Although only an alliance of convenience, Egypt is certainly making this particular situation very different than past engagements. While Hamas should never have been eligible to be elected because it is an openly terrorist organization, it looks like they may be forced to accept terms imposed as much by Egypt as Israel. Al Sisi has certainly cut this Muslim Brotherhood client off from supplies and denied them a safe haven – for which I am grateful every day. Putting al Sisi in power will go down as Obama’s greatest foreign policy coup ….oh yeah, right. 😉

  • Breif2

    Gee, if this is so, why isn’t Hamas attacking Egypt?


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