Pro Forma Neutrality
From Welfare to Warfare

As troubling revelations emerge about the UNRWA’s activities in Gaza, including that it discovered missiles in its schools and then returned them to local officials, both the organization’s mission and its politics deserve a closer look.

Published on: August 2, 2014
Alexander Joffe is a Shillman-Ginsburg Fellow of the Middle East Forum. Asaf Romirowsky is an adjunct fellow at the Middle East Forum. Romirowsky and Joffe are co-authors of Religion, Politics, and the Origins of Palestine Refugee Relief.
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  • Corlyss

    Only the professionally dim, skilled at ignoring the obvious, would give UNRWA the benefit of the doubt. So many of the UN organizations are corruption on the hoof that all of them are suspect merely by putting UN in their logos. In particular UNRWA has been stockholmed in the course of their mandate to help refugees. There is no reason for Israelis to treat it as a neutral actor.

    • Andrew Allison

      Israelis or anybody else!

  • Duperray

    Western naïveness or even worse, compromission, are the least we can say about these programs, not limited to UN. For 70 years these populations receive large foreign aid and build nothing with exception of hatred in schools, weapons to kil neighbours… We can dramatically said that unfortunately West has heavily armed these terrorists who cannot accept (by religious law) to sign a peace treaty with Israël.

  • Boritz

    “both the organization’s mission and its politics deserve a closer look”

    They’ve been looked at and found wanting.

  • Gettingby

    In its search for war crimes the hamas controlled UNRWA need only look in a mirror.

  • graylens

    UNWRA has become a cash cow and money launderer to terrorists and it has been one of the safest. Unwra official gunness has a long history of pro hamas actions. He has knowingly employed hamas officials claiming that he does not get involved in their personal politics, in effect subsidizing hamas. I guess that these hamas people worked during their lunch breaks and dug the tunnels and stored the missiles when no one was looking

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