China’s Persecution of Christians May Make Them Stronger
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  • Duperray

    For years, christians are slaugthered in many muslim controlled areas.
    Western reaction?: Nothing. It seems to these and UN that christians are not humans when killed by islamics…
    But when it seems to be performed by chinese, ooops! General Quarters ! Alert, scramble…
    Is western world – the so lauded “Free world” – 100% under islamic control?
    Or US deeply afraid of growing Chinese Monster?

    • Dan

      where exactly do you see anyone sounding the alarm much less anyone care about what is happening to Chinese Christians other than a few articles here and there?

      the overwhelming response is a large collective yawn

    • Breif2

      If you’re going to continue posting here, the least you could do is to stop beating your wife.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Is it a coincidence that this particular article comes with an advertisement for

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