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In or Out?
The BRICS and Their Bank

Can you be simultaneously inside and outside the liberal international order? It looks increasingly like the BRICS are going to try.

Published on: July 26, 2014
Bruce D. Jones is the deputy director for foreign policy at the Brookings Institution and a consulting professor at Stanford University, and author of the recently published Still Ours to Lead: America, the Rising Powers, and the Tension Between Rivalry and Restraint.
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  • Anthony

    “The BRICS contain more than 40% of the world’s population and approximately 25% of the world’s economy. Necessarily in transitioning global arrangements, BRICS wanting to diversify their relationships beyond Western international arrangements coincide with current global zeitgeist.

    “In countries with large populations, low levels of education, and rapidly expanding cities, the nature of economic growth matters just as much as the rate.” Indeed, the BRICS move implies recognition of importance of infrastructure and development projects being less dependent on Western financial structures (increase freedom of action in the international system).

    • Corlyss

      Not, I rather suspect. IMO it’s just a scam to entice gullible foreigners like the US into propping up a storefront that the BRICs will raid the minute they get a wobble in their currency or a new round of inflation. It’s a sucker punch waiting to happen.

      • Anthony

        Probable outcome but yet to early to know; at any rate forum provides author an opportunity to expound on area of interest.

  • Breif2

    “When it comes to the established international order, the BRICS are both in and out.”

    Will they shake it all about?

  • Duperray

    IMF, World Bank are driven by minority funder US (23% only): Both became political tool as Bruce recognizes (environment oriented, and so on): Africa dam projects are NOT funded by West because… because green propaganda corrupted these organisms; Thence big dams under construction are funded by China.
    West is no longer Freedom: It is actually a tyrannic control in its targets and daily practices.
    A major US failure to add to the endless List: Irak, Syria, Lybia, Ukraine and so on…
    BRICS start slowly but as long as their targets are not inclusive of economic domination, they are sane and I wish them good success.

  • Corlyss

    Hey! Since Cold War 2.0 is all the rage now, isn’t this just the revival of the old allegedly non-aligned block?

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