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Is Christian Zionism Flowering in Brazil?
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  • Andrew Allison

    Yarmulke, not skull cap [sic].

  • Corlyss

    The head line should read “Brazilians construct elaborate recreation of Al Qaeda’s next big target strike.”

  • FriendlyGoat

    I’ve been thinking for some time that we should help Israel move to a more peaceful location. (Its land area would fit in 3% of Texas, for instance.)

    So, why not have world Jews, Christians, and Muslims contribute to buy up a chunk of land in Brazil for a solution cheaper than war?

    • Breif2

      “for WHAT, exactly?”

      Why, to entice the Jews into accepting your plan, obviously. 🙂

      I seem to recall that the British tried to convince the Zionists to establish their homeland in Uganda. Hoo-boy.

      (By the way, an educational result of the current Gaza conflict is that we learned that Islamic fundamentalists are quite ready to lob rockets towards Jerusalem their holy city of Al-Quds with its Temple Mount oh-so-holy Haram al-Sharif. During Ramadan, of course.)

      • FriendlyGoat

        Look, I know the Texans wouldn’t host Israelis and the Israelis wouldn’t go there no matter what was offered. Likely the same regarding any Brazilian plot. This is the point.

        If Judaism (and Christianity, for some), hinges on certain real estate related to certain ancient prophecy, then all such adherents may, in fact, be too stubborn and too stupid to pretend they can engage the larger problem of Islam.

    • Corlyss

      LOL! 30 years ago I had the same idea, only I was prepared to sacrifice a substantially larger portion of South Africa. Since the second intifada I’ve believed most strongly that America is the most natural homeland for Jews everywhere. I wish there were some way to get them here, despite the fact that they would all become instant Democratic voters. Not exactly what you had in mind, I’m sure.

      • Breif2

        Wow, and I thought the Uganda idea was bad! What was your plan, to promote peace by uniting the Afrikaners and the Blacks against the Jews?


        But I have another idea: How about Israeli Jews move to an isolated and sparsely inhabited archipelago: the Falkland Islands? That should work out well.


        • Breif2

          Since we’re already moving Jews around the chessboard, I’m reminded of a book I recently read. Surely peace and justice would be served the if only the pseudo-Jewish interlopers in Occupied Palestine would return to the European burrows they came from, such as Aleppo.


        • Corlyss

          “What was your plan, to promote peace by uniting the Afrikaners and the Blacks against the Jews?”
          Ain’t that what the UN and other NGOs are for, i.e., helpful peacemaking? [/g]

          • Breif2

            Regarding this idea of moving Jews around, two notes:

            1. It strikes me there’s something very American about this idea: America itself was built by immigrants who decided to leave the Old World and its problems behind, and make a new start in a new Promised Land.

            2. I note that the Ciloman troll elsewhere in this thread finds the idea of population transfers very sympatico; heck, he wants Whites to return to Europe.

            About the book: it’s good, but keep in mind that it’s less about the Aleppo Codex (arguably the most accurate manuscript of the Hebrew Bible) itself, and more about infuriating modern-day shenanigans surrounding it.

  • Breif2

    I’m reminded of an amusing passage in Umberto Eco’s Baudolino, in which the narrator describes an attempt to build a model of the Temple based on Ezekiel:

    Not one measurement holds up, and so a number of pious men have admitted that Ezekiel had indeed had a vision, which is a bit like saying he had drunk too much and was seeing double [. . . ] I can’t describe to you the scene when we went to hear Richard [of Saint Victoire]’s lecture on the Temple. He had the Book of Ezekiel before his eyes, and he was working with a tape to demonstrate all the measurements [. . . ] He tried to reconstruct the Temple, and he reduced the measurements proportionally [. . . ] Every two minutes the whole thing collapsed. Richard became angry with his helpers [. . . ] In other words, it was amusing for a few mornings to follow that sainted man as he racked his brains, and we burst out laughing every time the Temple came apart.

  • Ciloman FreeBSD

    America? Think you own the name of the entire continent, named so in 1507. Use Christianity as a political tool, a trojan trojan if you will, to spread U.S. propaganda (among them zionism, and capitalism). You make us sick.

    • Corlyss

      “America? Think you own the name of the entire continent, named so in 1507”

      When the rest of the Western Hemisphere has done as much for the world as the US has, we’ll talk. Till then, the rest are just envious wannabes.

      • Ciloman FreeBSD

        And what is that? Genocide of the natives? Imperialism?

        Please tell us All Great Master Race.

        America/American is the name given to the continent/people of the New World in 1507. Not the U.S. of KKK.

        “envious wannabes.”

        How ironic this coming from a European expat.

      • Ciloman FreeBSD

        America? America is the name of the continent, named so in 1507. This is nothign more than the U.S. using Christianity as a trojan horse to spread U.S. propagand (Zionazism, and Capitalism)

        (this comment was deleted as you can see because freedom of speech is pretty much not allow if it exposes the U.S. agenda in a bad light)

  • Breif2


    We seem to have been infested by a racist troll who is obsessed by bloodlines and who repeatedly makes statements such as: “When Latin Americans take over, we will send you [all Whites] packing back to Europe where you came from.” I don’t know if he is a new-school Raza Nazi or an old-school Aryan Nazi using a false-flag to foment hatred. In either case, to the extent that his comments here are not deleted, please don’t give him any more attention than: “Shoo, Nazi troll.”

    “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”
    – George Bernard Shaw

  • Rafael Kafka

    Evangelicals in Brazil would give their lives for Israel! They are 100% pro-Israel and they will be a majority in 15 years max.

  • bertha yellowfinch

    There is no such thing as a “Christian zionist”. Try reading a real Bible or the Talmud. The Jewish Rabbis hated Jesus and even in the Talmud they call Jesus a bastard and Mary a whore. That zionist crap needs to be shut down.

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