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Grey Lady Wises Up on Radical Islamist Influence in British Schools
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  • FriendlyGoat

    If moderate Muslims saw themselves as “among the greatest victims of radicals”, we’d have far less of the radicals. Please don’t kid yourselves and us with made-up pablum like the last sentence. The Islamic “vision of God” does not include the “pluralist society” part.

  • Duperray

    Naïve dreams: Can anyone tell us whether it exists one single muslim country in which, whilst being in power, this religion accepts the existence and public pratice of other religions?
    Do they know what is ISIS?

  • PKCasimir

    Would someone please instruct the interns writing for this blog that the NY Times is not an authoritative voice and never has been; except in the eyes of fuzzy minded liberals. Had the author followed this story through the British Press he would immediately know that the NY Times’ reporting was way off the mark. There was an active plot to take over the Birmingham schools and indoctrinate its students into a militant form of Islam. Christmas couldn’t be mentioned, classes were segregated and, of most interest to Americans, the children were subjected to anti-Christian, anti-Western, and anti-American rants.
    Again I am absolutely struck just how entwined this blog is the corrupt “mainstream” liberal media mentality and its total lack of awareness that there are news sources out there that are not controlled by multi-cultural liberals totally oblivious, sometimes purposely, to the threats that Western civilization faces.

  • Enemy Leopard

    I’m confused. Is the New York Times a British newspaper? Have its offices moved to Canada or Australia? Because here in America, we don’t have “grey” ladies – though they may be “gray.”

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