Growing Pains
"Peak Soil" Is Latest Malthusian Worry
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  • FriendlyGoat

    Well, since we’re fracking, we COULD stop growing corn for cars. right?

  • Rick Johnson

    ‘Peak soil’ has as much credibility as peak oil. Zero. Nitch. None.

    Like all things Green, it’s a crock.

  • Andrew Allison
  • LarryD

    Agriculture was invented how many thousands of years ago? Fertilization technology is how old? (Hint: the low tech version is compost and manure).

    This had to be thought up by a city dweller who has never gardened in their life. We know how to care for the soil, if we can just keep city-bred idiots from mucking up agriculture.

    Maybe we need to interdict cities and make the yuppies grow their own food. And then they can try it using only renewable energy.

  • Loader2000

    The future of farming (if technology and population continue to increase at their current rates) are 100 story hydroponic farms. Actually farming on the ground will be for individual gardens, not mass food production, 100-200 years from now.

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