Immigration Debate
Dems Oppose Reducing Perverse Immigration Incentives
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  • Boritz

    ” Our immigration policy is broken in many ways, and we really should be striving for a comprehensive fix.”

    You don’t need immigration reform when you have the immigration you have always wanted the reform to accomplish. &nbspAt most you need to tweak it later to confer voting rights.

    • Corlyss

      How uncharitable of you to notice. As the Insiders have observed week after week, the dysfunctional and unresponsive political class, consisting of both parties’ Washington cadres, is so far removed from what the public want Pat Caddell believes we are in a pre-revolutionary condition.

  • Corlyss

    Reid doing Doofus’ heavy lifting for him again. Poor bug*ger can’t make up what passes for a mind, so he has Reid et al. do what he really in his heart wants done so he can have it both ways. How does he know what’s in his heart? Val and ‘Chelle tell him.

  • gabrielsyme

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) said he opposed one
    proposal to more quickly return children to their home countries, and
    suggested the administration didn’t need congressional action for the
    authority it has requested.

    On the one hand, perhaps we should be glad that Obama is not twisting a law beyond all recognizance for a change. On the other hand, given Obama’s repeated willingness not just to use legal loopholes but to abrogate the law itself, we can be pretty certain that his “my hands are tied” argument is just so much hot air. I have little doubt that Obama has sent word to Reid et al to preserve his fig leaf, even while he claims otherwise.

    This is just one more instance of the Democrats’ long war to increase one of their key voting blocs, the law be damned.

  • vepxistqaosani

    The immigration problem is another example of the Obama administration’s reliance on the old Bolshevist strategy of “the worse, the better.”

    This can be seen not only on the border, but at the VA, with Obamacare, and in Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Korea, Puerto Rico, Central America, Canada, …. Not to mention the domestic economy!

    But I suppose fairness requires that I give an alternative interpretation of the facts; viz., that Obama and his cronies are both stupid and incompetent.

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