How To Read Ukraine
Interview with a Russian Mercenary in Ukraine
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  • Interview with the Ukrainian gangster in New Russia :

    A pilot was captive in the district of settlement Должано-Никольское in the Luhansk area. Alexander Гуреев, militiaman with a call-sign “Knight”, told to the detail about the capture of the Ukrainian pilot hammered together on July, 14 in the Luhansk area of АН- 26. On his words, pilots were detained by a local population whereupon passed in the hands of militia. As Гуреев told, pilots were captive in the district of settlement Должано-Никольское. One pilot was detained for an interrogation by the militiamen of Luhansk, other was given to the Krasnodon staff of militia. According to “Knight”, a pilot was in shock, was contused and did not offer resistance. The task of pilot was delivery of load of water and food for Ukrainian soldiery, being near Krasnodon. A “knight” told that contact with a pilot to set it was unsimply, as soldiery to the Ukrainian army passed the “sound washing of brains” Kyiv propaganda. – I Confirm that after an interrogation an opportunity to call to family was given him. He called to the wife, said that safe and sound. Him clothes were changed and

    farther, to look –

  • Duperray

    Stupid invention: How come people totally unfamiliar with figthing, originated from countries having no link with Ukraine, would fight so hard that they still resist (after 3 month non stop) to an Army having everything from hand pistol to heavy artillery, tanks and airplanes?
    Next time you want to invent a fake interview, be at least less childish….

  • Pete


    Shame on you, Mead

    • Loader2000

      What is your evidence that it was fake? Why in the world would Mead or free radio deliberately lie about this? There is no economic advantage for most European countries to beat up on Putin (as evidence by the reluctance to do anything significant about the Ukraine situation). Occam’s razor say’s that the simplest reason behind an event is usually the correct one. In this case, what the soldier did and who paid for it are entirely consistent with the behavior of the KGB in the past so Occam’s razor would seem to indicate that the mercenary is telling the truth.

  • Diws

    What’s with all of the insane Russian nationalism anytime the Ukraine is brought up?

  • FriendlyGoat

    This is fascinating—-and America should be doing WHAT, once again?

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