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In Juvenile Cases, Judicial Deportation Orders Seldom Honored
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    None of the illegal aliens have a right to be here, and their presence seriously damages American citizens employment and earnings, as well as costing tax dollars to feed, house, court, deport, police, and provide medical care.

  • gabrielsyme

    The conditions in the countries they are leaving are nothing short of tragic.

    This sets an awfully low bar, and obscures the real issues. The countries they are leaving are not among the poorest in the world, nor are they riven by civil war or terrorism, nor are they outposts of significant religious or political repression. They are not countries that are currently suffering famine or prone to famine; nor even are they countries that are particularly prone to natural disasters.

    Doubtless some of the individual stories are tragic, but in all but the rarest of cases, these are not genuine refugees. There are literally billions of people who come from notably worse nations in terms of poverty or religious repression than those who are now crossing the Rio Grande.

  • Andrew Allison

    “Given how leaky our deportation process has become, the only sane and expedient way to stop encouraging people to recklessly risk their lives and the lives of their children is to control the border.” Amen to that.

  • Charles Hurst

    The Progressive becomes upset when you accuse him of his liberal views being a sign of a mental disorder. Well, check your talking points Mr. Progressive. “An illegal alien isn’t really illegal.”

    That is your stance. So if you are going to utter such an anti reason then how do you expect to be treated with any sort of regard for rational thought? For logic?

    Let’s see what are your other defenses for the illegal invader who breaks our laws
    crossing our border in the night.

    “You’re a racist.” Ah, brilliant. That does take some thought doesn’t
    it? No matter what, no matter how illogical you are shown to be you can always
    throw out the race card. Talk louder and faster in angered tone and call us
    racists. Yet we don’t have a problem with legal immigrants. But we are still
    racists, per the intellect of Progressive thought.

    “Where did your ancestors come from?” Another well thought out adage of
    anti reason Mr. Progressive. You see that bait and switch is ridiculous as
    well. My ancestors came from Poland. Legally. And they learned English and got
    jobs. The border jumper is illegal. That would be the common sense rebuttal.
    But the liberal doesn’t understand common sense.

    “They were here first.” Well not really. You see the ones left after the
    Mexican-American war stayed and generations passed. The illegal came from
    Mexico. He wasn’t here first. He was from down south in another country. As
    that war was centuries ago.

    “They do the jobs we don’t want.” Ok fair enough. Let’s decrease welfare which would
    solve that problem. Oh that’s right, you champion American entitlement
    parasites as well with your anti reason.

    “No human is illegal.” I have no comment for that one. Check the stupid definition
    in Websters.

    And now because it is children somehow we the United States must take responsibility
    according to the Progressive. No we don’t. Send them back. Every one. And put the
    bus drivers carrying them in our jail.

    If we continue this line of thought we will fall as a nation as my own fiction
    predicts as no nation that leaves borders open will survive. When we return to
    reason and common sense and ignore the above imbecilic arguments only then will
    we have a prayer of restoring America.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE blog.

    • Corlyss

      “An illegal alien isn’t really illegal.”

      I think their point is they aren’t really aliens because everyone on the planet is entitled to US residency. Notice I didn’t say citizenship. The Utopians “want to by the world a home and furnish it with love” in the words of the Democratic foreign policy (otherwise known as the iconic Coke ad ). Ergo, they invite the world wholesale to the US.

  • FriendlyGoat

    It’s a flaw of our constitution that in order to stick a Republican president with the perpetual “actual responsibilities” (as Sarah Palin famously quipped about small town mayors) for border issues, we have to let him or her appoint corporatists to our Supreme Court and give away the tax laws.

    We know Republicans PRETEND they can build a 2000-mile-long gated community and/or shoot children in the Rio Grande—–but they can’t do the former and they won’t do the latter. Sooooo, I’ll keep supporting Obama and disregard his critics.

    • Corlyss

      Oy! Well, how did you manage to swallow all the Kool-Aid without expiring from liquid intoxication?

      We see thru your rationales. You only want these people to fill up the union rolls and vote Democratic.

  • lukelea

    I believe Mexico is complicit in this problem.

  • Corlyss

    All I hear at this point on the issue is one side wailing “how can Americans be so cruel to little children?” and the other trying to talk about facts and costs.

    Regrettably, the optics on the issue do not lend themselves to rational decision making if the side concerned about border security and costs of Obama’s largess to the states and nation is characterized as Vlad the Impaler. Combined with the UN’s refugee philosophy of the last 30 years, that any refugee’s needs be taken on a case by case basis and that in such circumstance the individual’s need will ALWAYS trump that of the nation to which the refugee wants to go (because what is one more person to a vast and prosperous nation?), we’re headed for a real crisis of the West Against the Rest ( Those fleeing troubled or failed states need to stay where they are and fix their problems. This is not the 17th century anymore.

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