Wrong Turn
Germany Bows to Green Folly, Backs Off Fracking
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  • S.C. Schwarz

    it is over and the greens have won. Cultural knowledge (“What everyone just knows.”) is far more important than logic or scientific knowledge. The greens, and the left in general, understand this and have focused on indoctrinating the young with overwhelming success. Look, for example, at public opinion polls analyzed by age and see what millennials think about fossil fuels and global warming. These are the people who. in the US at least, get their news from John Stewart. They are unreachable.

    I only regret that I won’t live long enough to read the history of this period. Of course, I would have to learn to read Mandarin.

    • LivingRock

      Have the Millenials been “indoctrinated” or are they “unreachable”? Which one is it? I’m going to guess you’re a Boomer. Look no further than your fellow Boomers for current policies and political power.

      • S.C. Schwarz

        Agreed, the current mess is primarily a boomer phenomena. But I was making a prediction as to how these issues will evolve, as the boomers pass from the scene and younger generations take over.

      • Dan

        they can be indoctrinated and are therefore unreachable….

    • Thirdsyphon

      A lot of Milennials could probably tell you that Mandarin is only spoken, not written. The written language that corresponds to it is Chinese; but Chinese is also the written form of at least a dozen other spoken languages that are mutually unintelligible to one another (e.g.: Cantonese, Taiwanese, Hunanese, etc).
      Literate speakers of these languages can all communicate with perfect clarity by passing notes to each other, but would hear only gibberish if someone with a different spoken language were to read those same pages out loud.

      • S.C. Schwarz

        Nice job of missing the point.

  • bigfire

    Unicorn Power wins the day again.

  • LarryD

    Remember this:

    I think the Green’s hold on German policy won’t last.

    There is a faction among the Greens who want everyone to go back to before the Industrial Revolution. And they are fine with 90% of humanity dying off as a result. But I think a bigger faction regard environmentalism as a tribal more they pay obeisance to, to assert their tribal identity and validate their self-worth. If it pinches a bit, all the better. But let it hurt a lot, and I think they’ll reconsider.

  • Duperray

    No value: No cultural knowledge (and specially that one not older than a decade) can win in front of damagingly high electricity bills and unempoyment.
    Greens have won, what? They lose again credibility, appear as extremists as a sect and within 2017 (new election year in Germany) all this greenery will dissolve into a major political scandal. Why? Because Merkel ad al. would leave the political scene, new comers will appear basing their propaganda against expensive and useless erratic energies….
    Always, after high tide, low tide comes… even after a tsunami.

  • Joseph Hall

    When you’re done reading this Koch Brother inspired lie fest, you can read this and get your head straight:


    The age of fossil fuels is over!!! The age of renewables is here. Get on board or get out of the way.

  • APEppink

    “Perhaps we should have been more pessimistic. After all, this is the country that pioneered a “green” energy policy that has resulted in increased emissions. In many ways, it embodies everything wrong with the environmental movement. After the Fukushima disaster, it began turning off its nuclear reactors, despite the fact that, unlike Japan, it straddles no active fault lines. It has since been forced to replace that zero-carbon nuclear energy with quite sooty coal-fired power plants, supplemented with expensive and heavily-subsidized renewable energy sources. Germany has accomplished few of its green goals, while its businesses and households now pay some of the highest electricity prices in Europe.”

    How true all this is, and the probable goal of the obaeurosocialist crazies. Just how stupid do people have to be to follow a guy like this?

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