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Putin: I Reserve The Right to Intervene
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  • Kevin

    Sounds like the Sudentland all over again. When will Obama announce he’s cut a deal with Putin to secure Peace in Our Time? Is this the Farce phase of history repeating itself?

  • BobSykes

    We started this when we engineered a coup d’etat and installed the current fascist junta. Putin is merely exploiting the opportunities our own criminal government presented him.

    A good start would be to reinstall Yanukovych. He is still the legitimate president of the Ukraine, and he is the only democratically elected president in Ukrainian history.

    • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! As corrupt as Yanukovych was, he legally is the rightful president of Ukraine according to the constitution. I actually wrote a blog entry on this here:

    • Lev Havryliv

      What a heap of Kremlin-inspired propaganda.

      Ukrainians had a free and fair election after toppling the ruthless corrupt Yanukovich who was a puppet of Putin.

      Ukrainians have chosen a European orientation and Russia just cannot accept this and is conducting war against Ukraine. The war is on many fronts, covert military action in east Ukraine, a mendacious propaganda war, and economic blackmail.

      When will Russia respect international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty in practice?

  • laker48

    It’ll probably take the US Congress to whack Russia with sectoral sanctions and send France’s banking sector into a tailspin. So far, the $9 billion fine France’s largest bank BNP Paribas already agreed to pay can be a prelude to further action, as two French and one German bank are targeted by the US regulators:

    BTW, Russian, very likely paid by the Kremlin trolls have sniffed this article right away.

  • Lev Havryliv

    Just like Hitler justified his aggression in the 1930’s as protection of German-speaking people, Putin is doing the same regarding Russian-speaking people.

    Russian propaganda is fooling no one. Putin is making a grab for more Ukrainian territory.

    It is time for serious sanctions against Russia.

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