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Poll: Immigration a Low Priority for Hispanics

Immigration policy doesn’t even rank among the top three political issues that Hispanics care about most, according to a recent Pew Research poll. This is unexpected; Pundits have long treated immigration not just as the most important issue for Hispanic voters, but often as the only important issue. Pew reports:

[W]hen Pew Research Center has surveyed the Hispanic community, there are several issues that consistently rank higher on the list than immigration. In 2013, some 57% of Hispanic registered voters called education an “extremely important” issue facing the nation today. That’s compared with jobs and the economy (52%) and health care (43%). Just 32% said immigration.

As one partial explanation of the surprising result, Pew notes that the Hispanic community has an especially large percentage of young people—fully a third are under 18. This goes a long way towards explaining this group’s focus on education.

A related and similarly interesting Pew survey, this time of Hispanics and Asian Americans, reveals that as far as immigration reform policy is a priority, those groups care more about stopping deportations than about opening up an easier path to citizenship.

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  • lukelea

    Never mind.

  • Andrew Allison

    Just another Pewrile poll. Is there anything there that isn’t obvious? The news here is that the left’s efforts to paint the right as anti-immigrant are misguided.

  • Corlyss

    Obviously the race-baiters in the Santa party have not been doing their job! The Hispanics didn’t get the memo (Dems probably forgot to translate it into Spanish). Immigration IS their #1 obsession, period.

  • bittman

    If our government secured the border as it is constitutionally required to do when we are being invaded, we wouldn’t have to worry about deporting anyone. It is our government’s fault that people are entering our country illegally; our government is more to blame than the people who cross the border. In the McAllen area of TX, more than 500 people come across the border a day. Some are Mexicans, but the majority are OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) — and this includes people from countries dominated by Al Queda or its affiliates. And — this 500 is ONLY ONE SMALL AREA OF TX.

  • I believe the “Hispanic” community is treated just like any other Democratic constituency: A single issue voter that only cares about one issue, but I repeat myself.

  • NoNewt

    You guys have been asleep at the switch! This isn’t surprising at all – polls have consistently shown for years that immigration is not a top priority for Hispanic voters. Search 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years back and you see the same thing.

    This is simply ignored by the politicians and media who push “immigration reform” (i.e., give citizenship to anyone who came here illegally; make it easier for LOTS more unskilled laborers to enter; do nothing to allow high-skilled, English-speaking immigrants to come with increased ease; do nothing to make the system more transparent or meritocratic for would-be immigrants; do nothing to make immigration work in Americans’ interests … some “reform”!). But this has long been a stealthy fact. Just don’t let too many people know it, or the NYT and Democratic-Republican elite will see their entire narrative go to pieces.

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