Baby Bump
America’s Got Babies
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  • Andrew Allison

    Baby recession ending? “The birth rate and the total fertility rate still dropped, . . . .”. Birth rates have been declining since 1910 (

    • gabrielsyme

      To be fair, a levelling off of the birth rate does indicate an improved trend, so perhaps the “baby recession” is close to ending. What is also interesting is the wide division of birth rates between different areas of the USA – in general more conservative, religious areas have more children than liberal and progressive areas.

      Perhaps the real issue is whether “progressive” America is free-riding on the demographic strength (and the financial sacrifices associated therewith) of religious America.

      • Andrew Allison

        One swallow does not a summer make. The birth rate has plateaued before (, but the long-term trend is clearly down. Given the jobless recovery we’ve been “enjoying” since the Great Recession, I see little cause for optimism.
        The differences in birth rates to which you allude may well be related to economic well-being (which may, in turn, be related to conservatism), suggesting that “progressive” is far from it.

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