Reforms Overdue
Mexican Oil Production Hits 19-Year Low
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    It’s foolish to think that the Pemex Monopoly and its associated Labor Gang Monopoly can be fixed by the Government Monopoly. None of the people inside these monopolies have any incentives to give away power or to let outsiders make money that they think should be inside their own pockets. All that Mexico will see is inefficient development that costs more than it produces.

    • El Gringo

      Mexicans enjoy their monopolies and thus it will be very difficult to break them.

      The government likes them because it makes crony capitalism so much easier and the companies provide a lot of jobs with excellent benefits to constituents. The people like them because they fulfill a number of historical requirements. The Mexican people will support a monopoly as long as it remains Mexican. Decades or rapacious foreigners (usually Yankees) exploiting Mexico’s resources has instilled this sense of national protection within the Mexican people. Therefore, Mexicans are generally content to pay a little more for the assurance that, if they are going to be screwed over, at least it will be a fellow Mexican doing the screwing. Furthermore, intense periods of civil strife in Mexico, such as the Mexican Revolution, combined with a long period of socialism have created an antipathy towards compeition in certain sectors of business and society.

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