Crimean Annexation
It’s All About the Oil and Gas
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  • rheddles

    They’ll get to that right after they deal with the Chinese in the South China Sea.

  • Andrew Allison

    It’s not all about the oil and gas! They’re simply a bonus benefit of the plum (Crimea) which the short-sided attempt to draw Ukraine in to the EU orbit dropped into Putin’s lap. The annexation of Crimea has been an immense feather in Putin’s cap withing Russia, enormously increasing his domestic popularity and support (and in case anybody hasn’t noticed, he doesn’t give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks)..

  • Agim Zabeli

    “Naval power can keep it that way.”

    Seriously? You and what navy? The Russians would take seriously a threat of naval action from the West? Maybe at other times they would. Why would they now?

  • Fat_Man

    Why would want to start a shooting match in the Black Sea with the Russians? What happens when they send a tank column to block the Bosporus? At its narrowest point, it is 700 meters wide.

  • Bretzky1

    Russia possessed Ukraine for hundreds of years prior to 1991 with little detriment to the US or the West. Its control over or possession of Ukraine today will have even less importance. We made a huge mistake in trying to involve ourselves in something that was of no concern to us; let’s not compound it by upping the ante.

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