Spread the Wealth?
Maryland LNG Plant Gets a Green Bill of Health
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  • Fat_Man

    And you wander why unemployment is so persistent and growth is slow.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    Don’t get too excited. This is a staff report, hence largely professional not political. There have been numerous similar positive professional evaluations of Keystone XL and nevertheless it is still blocked because Obama is terrified of offending Tom Steyer and the other fat cat green donors. (Isn’t it a shame how money corrupts politics?)

    I predict this project, and all the other pending LNG projects, will go nowhere as long as the democrats control the White House.

    • LarryD

      Meanwhile, the EU is importing *coal* and wood pellets from us.

      The greens are playing status one-upmanship based on superstition. May the German slam on their faux religosity go viral (see the article on the German “daily show”).

    • Boritz

      ” A report commissioned by the Department of Energy found that unlimited
      exports would have a net positive effect on the American economy.”

      CBO made the finding that ACA would have a net positive effect on the
      American economy. If the Department of Energy (commissioned) report is
      as honest and reliable then the LNG plant might get its green light.

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