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Easy Target
German Daily Show Lampoons Green Follies

Watch for yourself (but fair warning: the language is more explicit than Jon Stewart’s):

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Opposition to Berlin’s ill-conceived and ill-fated energiewende—its turn towards green energy—seems to be increasing among the public. But then, with Germany’s coal use (and consequently its greenhouse gas emissions) rising along with its electricity prices, perhaps it isn’t surprising that satirists consider the government’s renewable energy scheme to be a ripe target. Merkel’s new coalition government is slowly beginning to roll back some of the over-generous subsidies given to wind and solar energy producers. But as the video shows, Germans are still plenty irritated by these policies.

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  • S.C. Schwarz

    Wow. Shows you just how bad the mass media is here. Such honesty is unthinkable in the US.

    • Corlyss

      That’s because those who would ordinarily satirize the policies of this Godforsaken administration are so totally in bed with it, they would never think of doing so. That would play right into Obama’s “racist” critics’ hands.

    • Rick Johnson

      Australia’s mainstream media is just as bad, particularly the taxpayer funded broadcasters (ABC and SBS). According to the only major survey of the political views of the ABC’s employees, over 40 per cent support Greens and over 30 per cent support the center-left Labor Party. Also, either the ABC or
      SBS have a single conservative or free market libertarian presenter or producer on any of its major news or current affairs program. These position are dominated by former Labor Party staffers, Labor Party candidates or avowed Green activists. One prominent ABC guest (David Marr) has gone so far as to say that you have to be of the Left to be a journalist.

      Both the ABC and SBS have a legislated requirement to provide fair and balanced reporting and refuse to admit that they have been captured by the Left and fail to meet this requirement. The current center-right government is too afraid to act.

  • Corlyss

    Unfortunately neither expert evidence nor ridicule will change the policies. Remember that the Green parties’ strength is increasing in response to the perceived incompetence of all mainstream parties. When they get win their majorities, you can forget any sanity about environmentalism.

  • B-Sabre

    “…she’s dumber than a box of hair.”

    Man, I love German expressions!

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