California Blues
Toyota Goes to Texas
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  • Jagneel

    why not move all the way to the bottom? Mississippi? Alabama?
    The bottom in bottom line is the race to the bottom anyway.
    Go where workers have lowest pay, least rights, where you can pollute most and get the most freebee from the tax payers.

    • rheddles

      Another racist who wants to ignore reality. Companies will not make a lot of money if they build a product in a location with the highest costs, not only labor, but real estate and taxes. Companies have to obey the same pollution laws where ever they go in the US. If companies are moving from high pollution areas to low pollution areas, they should be applauded. If governments want to incent companies to relocate, good for them. That is how you move up from the bottom. And if Caliphornia wants to drive out middle class job generating businesses, well they can live with the consequences. Nice weather and the chance of earthquakes can only count for so much. Hasta la vista.Enjoy life at the bottom

    • Dan

      Someone should pass a law against companies “racing to the bottom” like that!

    • Gene

      Agreed. It’s much, much better that the impoverished potential Toyota employees of Mississippi or Alabama remain jobless and poor. The maintenance of your talking points is clearly much, much more important.

    • Diws

      Spoken like a deep blue dinosaur

    • LivingRock

      Yet workers are moving to Texas in droves. The key word there being ‘workers’. B/c they can actually still get a working class job in Texas.

      • Jim__L

        … and the middle class is moving there too, because places like Silicon Valley can’t actually support anyone at a middle-class life (house, yard, kids, vacations, spare time) unless they’re in the top 95%+ of earners.

  • Pete

    Another win for a right-to-work state and a loss for a union one., This is good.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    And does anyone think the left will learn anything from this? Read Jagneel’s comment to see how a right-thinking leftist reacts.

  • Breif2

    The conclusion is obvious: boycott Toyota!


  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “Recently, a commission of city leaders charged with finding solutions to the city’s ongoing problems failed to come up with any big ideas.”

    Here’s a big idea, Cut Taxes and Regulations, and become business friendly.

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