Blue Civil War
California Dems Face Off on School Reform
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  • Real_American78

    both are losers.

  • Arkeygeezer

    I do not see that “Liberal Internationalism” is any different from Domestic Liberalism. They both try to force diversity and secularism with large inclusive organizations, (U.N., E.U. or U.S.), and demand blind allegiance to that order. If the order unravels, it is a colossal catastrophe!

    There are some people and groups in this world who do not want to become tolerant, secular, disorderly, multicultural Americans. The more we try to force the American order on the world, the more the world pushes back.

    The President is hamstrung by the American People. He won office on the proposition that we would get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and try to get along with other nations through cooperation and negotiation through international organizations like the U.N. and N.A.T.O. Like most liberal schemes, it did not work.

    Now the President could not get public support for the use of Troops on the ground to resolve anything other than a direct attack on the American people in the continental United States. Since the “pax Americana” depends on the use of the U.S. armed forces, it looks like there are going to be some changes in the World.

    The President is steering the only course open to him under these circumstances.

    • Corlyss

      “(U.N., E.U. or U.S.), and demand blind allegiance to that order.”

      It’s worse than that. Liberal elites will never admit the UN or any of their favorite NGOs could possibly make a mistake.

      “Now the President could not get public support for the use of Troops”
      As an Army brat, ordinarily I believe strongly in the military, that they can do the impossible with nothing as the old joke goes. But I wouldn’t ask them to follow Obama into the next room, much less into a war. I am definitely against Obama trying to do anything militarily. He, like the last string of presidents since Clinton, has turned the military into Barney Fife – you know, the deputy from the Andy Griffith Show, who the sheriff required to keep his one bullet in his shirt pocket.

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