India à la Modi
India’s BJP Insults the Neighbors
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  • VeVePe

    The BJP candidate mentioned was not necessarily referring to Muslims. Many of Modi’s most rabid opponents are in fact non-Muslims.

  • Breif2

    “While the civilian consensus in Pakistan is almost unanimously in favor of better relations with India, the Indian public is still divided on the issue. The BJP has consistently criticized the ruling Congress Party for being soft on cross-border terrorism—a euphemism for incursions by Pakistani militants.”

    Note to the editors: the author obviously meant to write “incursions by Indian militants”. Surely the peaceful Pakistanis would not launch cross-border terrorist attacks, even against warmongering cow worshipers!

  • Anthony

    Bharatiya Janata Party (identified as party of cultural and religious nationalism) appears to campaign in democratic fashion – Congress Party has always claimed India’s progressive identification and campaigned similarly from its perspective. But, voters know as elsewhere campaigns and platforms rarely result in actionable post election realities. An interesting question is can BJP with its ascribed campaign methods obtain a clear-cut mandate.

  • Andrew Allison

    Please give the anti-BJP posts a rest. As I suspect the author of them knows perfectly well, Indian politics is noisy. Aside from the redundant “away”, “. . . .the BJP has taken this practice to new heights in its bid to wrest control of India’s parliament away from the ruling Congress Party.” is inflammatory. TAI has been writing for months that the Congress Party’s past appears to have caught up with it and BJP is the odds-on favorite to win the people’s vote.

    • Breif2

      While it is indisputable that there are some questionable elements among Hindu nationalists in general and the BJP in particular, the posts here have become tendentious. Their tone has switched from “This is the man who would be king, warts and all” to “Modi at the gates!” Heck, it’s become so bad that even The Original Anthony is (in his typical mild and polite manner) pushing back! 🙂

  • El Gringo

    The vast majority of Indian voters are far more concerned about where tomorrow’s meal will be coming from. And, even if they could find Pakistan and China on a map, foreign policy is probably the area of least concern in their election choices.

  • Jagneel

    “…those criticizing Modi “will only have space in Pakistan, not India.”

    You don’t expect anything less from the quasi-fascist party.
    Get ready for slogans like ‘India Shining’ which is a really cruel joke India’s poor.
    India is lot of things but one thing it is not is shinning; trash spit, shit and animal dung everywhere, filth, end to it.

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