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Colleges Aren’t Protective Cocoons
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  • rheddles

    I thought that was why they changed their brand to Progressive.

  • Guest

    Charles Murray just recently spoke at Claremont McKenna College. The student newspaper posted an illiberal piece from a student who would call herself liberal. A writer for Claremont Independent wrote a good response:

    On a side note, perhaps this is a good time for the “right” to once again embrace the word “liberal” in its traditional sense.

  • CMC Student

    Charles Murray just recently spoke at Claremont McKenna College. The student newspaper posted an illiberal liberal article attacking Murray and his invitation to speak. A writer for Claremont Independent wrote a good response to her article:

    On a side note, perhaps this is a good time for the “right” to once again embrace the word “liberal” in its traditional sense.

    • Corlyss

      Three Cheers for CMC! The Claremont Review of Books is one of my must-reads.

  • Boritz

    Universities have reached an advanced state of sclerosis in which they are not merely teaching a love of orthodoxy but absolute fealty to it. As much as Mead touts the value of a liberal arts education I wouldn’t give a nickle for such a degree when conferred with this backdrop. It isn’t possible that the academy is contributing anything to students’ ability to think under these circumstances. If you leave the university with a degree in the hard sciences or engineering then something significant was gained. A so called liberal education in today’s academy is, I suspect, worth only a small fraction of what it could and should be. Maybe this isn’t entirely fair, but as Sam Gerard said to Richard Kimble, I don’t care.

    • Andrew Allison

      a love of progressive orthodoxy!

  • lukelea

    “Here’s a shocking idea: liberals should be liberal, especially on college campuses.”

    Here’s an even more shocking idea, those liberals aren’t really liberals. They are left-wing authoritarians. You can read all about them here.

  • Breif2

    “Undergraduate Sandra Y. L. Korn argued that ‘academic justice’ was of greater value than academic freedom.”

    How adorable! Half a century on, the tyke has discovered Herbert Marcuse! It seems some Dead White European Males are worthy of respect after all.

    • Corlyss

      Don’t tell her the idea emanates from a DWM. I don’t think her sensitive system could stand the shock.

    • Curious Mayhem

      What the hell is “academic justice”? Isn’t it time to just stop all the money flowing into these places and just shut them down?

      It’s like the “news” media — everyone would be better informed if it just ceased to exist, which is what I hope will happen in the next few years. Only rubes continue to take the NYTimes and its lame imitators seriously.

  • Jim__L

    “The university doesn’t exist to swaddle students in a protective cocoon,
    safe from any possible offense, insult, or challenge to their beliefs.”

    No. It exists to swaddle students and prevent them from hearing anything other than the Liberal / Progressive message.

    The sooner it can be disrupted, the better.

  • qet

    Kids will always be kids, playing at politics within the safety of college walls. The problem lies with the faculty and administrations of colleges today, and merely exhorting them to practice the tolerance they preach will achieve nothing. Not until people of sound mind re-take our colleges away from the control of the faculty and administrators currently ruling them will we see any meaningful movement back toward freedom of thought. People of sound mind are going to have to wage a long campaign, just as the predecessors of the current left-liberal fanatics did, to re-take faculty and administrative positions one at a time as they become vacant until they at last wield the numbers to deny tenure and tenure-track status to all of the “_____ Studies” lunatics and Assistant Deputy Associate Deans for Post-modern Diversity running rampant on college campuses today.

    • Corlyss

      “problem lies with the faculty and administrations of colleges today”

      It all started with the idiot at Columbia who said to the rioting students in 1969 ” . . . well, you have a point . . . ” Then the universities started hiring the rioters as they became degreed. I shudder to think how quickly it all went bad.

      • Curious Mayhem

        It’s true. Although nitwit undergraduates can say some endearingly stupid things (see above), the problem is a core group of reckless, imperial New Left faculty who misuse campuses as vehicles for radical politics.

        Students come and go. The aging Boomer faculty leftists keep reliving their long-haired youth over and over and over, year after year, demanding money and attention from the rest of us, and wasting the best years of their putative students’ lives.

        • Corlyss

          The worse aspect is they have institutionalized their odious beliefs, and even after the last Boomer is decades in the grave, the institutionalization will perpetuate their beliefs.

  • Corlyss

    “Undergraduate Sandra Y. L. Korn argued that “academic justice” was of greater value than academic freedom.”

    This is the future at universities, folks. Get used to it. The liberals/Progressives didn’t put Bill Ayers in charge of ed schools for nuttin’. “Justice” trumps freedom everywhere in the West. As it experiences increasing Balkanization, more and more aggrieved minorities will be discovered and elevated to their time on the social justice stage.

    It’s a shame that Murray and folks like him get disinvited to campuses that really need to hear their messages. I’m not talking about twits like Paul and Cruz. I’m talking about people at the Hoover Institute, AEI, CATO, etc.

  • RedWell

    For God’s sake, VM, conduct a basic internet search. This case demonstrates the exact opposite of your ideological point: Azusa Pacific is a conservative evangelical Christian university.

    This was probably a religious and/or conservative illiberalism at its finest: we need to protect young minds from corrupting behaviors and ideas.

  • Curious Mayhem

    What’s called “liberal” these days on campus is a post-liberal mishmash of soft leftism, censorship, and thought control.

    It would be better to just drop the “liberal” term altogether. It’s a hopelessly outdated relic of a past era. On intellectual grounds, “progressives” have lost, and not only that, have to obscure and cover up their terrible policy failures. So they turn to censorship and the Memory Hole, AKA the “news” media.

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