Payback Time
Gazprom Sextuples Ukraine’s Unpaid Gas Bill
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  • adk

    This latest news is yet another indicator that the quarter-hearted measures adopted by the West against Russia won’t do. You either go all in against Russia economically, or, by Putin’s designs, you’d either be holding a big bag for Ukraine or made look totally pathetic for all to see. It’s an untenable situation, and Putin just keeps raising the stakes.

    • “You either go all in against Russia economically”

      Yes. Ignore Europe and impose serious sanctions. Banks, Gazprom, oil companies…

  • B-Sabre

    I for one am shocked…shocked at ths new development.

  • This only shows that the US should act decisively against Russia ignoring the co-called “concerns” of EU countries. They have a history of caving to dictators and no moral backbone whatsoever – those Europeans are only good at criticizing America for using the death penalty and vilifying Israelis.

    The US can ruin Russia’s economy by going after its banks and energy companies. In some ways, Russia is a house of cards: remove the top and it will crumble. Why keep recognizing Putin as its legitimate president? No well-informed Russia observer doubts that the 2012 presidential election was rigged. Take the TV out of Putin’s paws and Russian public opinion will change overnight..

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