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America Self-Contained? A Symposium
Obama’s Day Isn’t Done

The President has good foreign policy instincts, but he needs to listen to the voices of experience both inside and outside his Administration.

Appeared in: Volume 9, Number 5 | Published on: April 20, 2014
Leslie H. Gelb is president emeritus at the Council on Foreign Relations.
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  • Fat_Man

    You must be in a universe where Spock sports a beard. The Obama in this universe is narcissistic and will neither seek nor accept advice. His foreign policy instincts are to say whatever crosses his mind, and then to back down when pushed. As for Iran, he is will be rolled like a rug.

  • PKCasimir

    So, Barrack Obama has been President for over five years and in those five years has managed to alienate our staunchest allies, make blundering decisions, get outfoxed several times by Vladimir Putin, get snookered by the Iranians, dramatically diminish American prestige in the world, allowed a banana republic ex-bus driver to vilify and castigate and slander the US with impunity, stupidly ousted a North African dictator without considering the consequences, and allowed the Chinese to move unopposed into the South China Sea (and that’s for starters), but it’s okay because all he has to do is change his ways, according to this hack ex-New York Times columnist who was a disaster when he filled the NY Times’ slot in the State Department. Right!
    If it doesn’t take a genius to fix American Foreign Policy, then I guess America is lost because, according to Valerie Jarrett and some moron leftist historians, President Obama is a “genius” and the smartest man on the planet. How can we expect a “genius” to succeed in a job in which only a “non-genius” can be successful?

  • rheddles

    What a load of wishful, you can’t really call it thinking, rumination. One wonders if he sat at Duranty’s desk at the NYT.

  • lehnne

    The CFR is a group home for the reality adverse. If this is success I’d like to hear Gelb’s definition of failure; my guess it is anything with an R attachedto it.

  • Boritz

    Gelb sees the same thing as the Nobel Committee: lots and lots of potential.

    • adk

      Mr.Mead, until fairly recently, used to see the same. He’d write a damning op-ed and finish it with something like “but it’s not too late for this immensely talented president to turn things around.” Then he stopped.

  • John Stephens

    If nothing else, the Obama administration is inspiring new heights in the art of spin.

  • stanbrown

    Gelb represents lefty thinking perfectly — 1) The foundational starting point — Democrats are good; GOP bad. 2) All else is determined by and flows from #1. Facts are malleable, principles are malleable, truth is an artificial construct. The only constant is that Dems are morally superior to evil Republicans.

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