Bankrupt Healthcare
Doctors Are Becoming Suicidal and Depressed
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  • free_agent

    Of course, doctors (or at least, primary-care providers) are depressed. Their collective power is declining, and thus they have to work harder and get paid less.

  • Jim__L

    Being cogs in a machine is degrading and inhuman. Always has been, always will be.

    Big Government, Big Business, Big Anything — it maximizes the number of cogs.

    Breaking them all up is the only path to human dignity and independence.

  • Richard T

    Something tells me that most doctors are well aware they could make half as much money by seeing half as many patients. But there’s this perverse relationship between overwork and prestige. Who wants to be told that half the work they’ve been doing was unnecessary?

  • Anthony

    If doctor’s salaries are going to be reduced on a per patient basis – and this is clearly an objective that professor Mead favors – they will likely see more patients per day in an attempt to boost their incomes. In South Korea, for example, doctors don’t get paid much for an office visit, so they tend to work long hours and see many patients to get a high salary.

  • dbr1

    One theme that Mr. Mead brings up again and again and again: Doctors make too much money. There seems to be a deeper animus here.

    Maybe if he read this he would gain some perspective:

  • SisyphusRolls

    One thing that ACA seems to have been successful at is pushing doctors toward employment as part of medical groups. While I am strongly opposed to ACA generally, consolidation of doctors into firms where they can minimize their overhead and focus on their medical specialty, instead of billing and reimbursement, is long overdue.

    Now we just need a lot more doctors and a break-up of the AMA’s ability to set Medicare fees.

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