Black and blue
Illinois: Greece of the Great Lakes
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  • lord acton

    Silly WRM, Truth and what works have nothing to do with the blue model.

  • free_agent

    I live in Massachusetts, and I’d say that Mass. is bluer than Illinois, and it’s not doing badly, compared to the rest of the country. But it does seem that Illinois is working on *doing the blue model badly* and the results are quite unpleasant.

    I wonder if the blue model is more subject to disastrous implementation errors than the red model?

  • Ghosts of Benghazi

    Beautiful and not news to those of us non-liberals with a brain….

  • centerroad

    I’m interested in expanding my conservative reading sources, unfortunately American Interest won’t be one of them. Simply put, your articles are so slanted they have only a passing glimpse at the truth, facts are taken out of context then fitted to fit your opinion.

    Some of us are interested in conservative thought, but only when it is truthful and presents a positive way forward, neither of which are represented here.

    • roadgeek

      Perhaps you could point out some errors in this piece. i’ve lived in IL, and I find no fault with any statement in this article. The writer’s thinking is clear and very perceptive. I don’t see any errors at all. Clarify?

      • centerroad

        Very perceptive, lol. Only if you are under educated and exclusively read right wing sites dumbed down to the fourth grade level.

        Other than the WSJ reprint, please point out one fact or statistic by the author.

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