Pension Wars
Unions Waging War on Arithmetic
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  • Corlyss

    What in the world took them so long? This is the tactic of choice for Dem Operatives for at least the last 20 years. Expect soon for them realize what Prof. Mead’s been talking about for some time, i.e., that the unions have been a principal means for minorities to get a leg up into the middle class. Once that happens, allegations of racism will be the weapon of first resort to stop pension reform. They’ll get Holder to start looking at the infamous disparate impact of pension reform on minorities and that will be the end of whatever passes for debate on pension reform.

    • qet

      I didn’t notice, but his stand could still be considered as principled but outweighed by another principle–profit. Many companies live or die by their brands and if those are tarnished by relentless bad press then I imagine that shows up in both the top line and the bottom line. That’s how I always interpret these apology moves, anyway.

      • Corlyss

        I don’t doubt your insight even a little bit. I suggest he could have had a lot more publicity and therefore a lot more bucks if he’d gone into those bastions of the gay lobby and dared them to do anything about it. I seriously doubt it would have cost him in the long run. I just can’t credit one with any principles when those principles are so easily and quickly compromised.

  • qet

    The math hasn’t won yet even though it has been telling the same tale for decades. On what basis can we believe in its ultimate victory? If it demonstrates anything, US politics demonstrate that math can be beaten down and kept down indefinitely.

    • Bruce

      Not indefinitely. But for longer than one would think. Look at the U.S. government debt and the Federal Reserve’s money counterfeiting. It seems like we are getting away with it, until one day we won’t.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    Where this is headed is a federal bailout for all these union pensions. We will all pay for this.

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