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The Russian Money-Go-Round
Ukraine’s Debt And Putin’s Upper Hand

Follow the money. It shows the way that European financial institutions see their interests regarding Russia and Ukraine.

Published on: April 12, 2014
James S. Henry, Esq. is Senior Economic Advisor to Tax Justice Network and a Senior Fellow at Columbia University's institute for sustainable international investment.
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  • Andrew Allison

    Nice to see somebody finally acknowledge that, “If you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

  • Anthony

    “A sense of concreteness to the speculations” gives a pretty good backdrop (indebtedness and counter parties).

  • Boritz

    Why are they worried about their deficit borrowing. We aren’t.

  • Abdel Boughazi

    “History shows that wherever the U.S. meddles; chaos and misery are soon to follow.” ~ Vladimir Yakunin, former Russian senior diplomat

  • Jim__L

    So, EU banks have exposed themselves to risk of loans to Ukraine going bad, by borrowing lots of money from Russians (who presumably can’t be stiffed without the banks losing a huge amount of credibility), whose ongoing investment in these banks is necessary for these banks to continue to be solvent?

    Aren’t bankers supposed to be clever? Our “best and brightest” going into finance, and all that? Maybe we should thank our lucky stars they didn’t go into engineering, airplanes would be falling out of the sky…

  • tantorsea7

    Why is the US press not reporting on the US Federal Government botched assault vs the Bundy ranch in Nevada? That is an abuse of government power against our own citizens in our own soil. US Media and politicians are distracting us with Crimea and a lost Malaysian plane. We dont have to look to Crimea or be misdirected with constant reports about a lost Malaysian plane while government thugs abuse us.
    Instead, let
    us attend to our own borders, which are a joke, as millions of unauthorized
    people invade us; and let us focus on our other problems since we have a 17
    trillion debt and growing, and our inner cities are terrorized by a series of
    urban underclass gangs numbering in the

    thousands, mugging, trafficking in drugs, hooking teenage women into drugs and
    then prostituting them in vast sexual trafficking rings, stealing, vandalizing,
    graffiti writing, etc. . In Chicago alone, the Vice Lords gang, just one gang,
    numbers 70000 according to the Chicago Crime Commission. We don’t talk about
    all this?

    Our country has bombed, invaded, and
    subverted and economically sanctioned sovereign countries for the last 50 years
    at the rate of one country every forty months. Enough.

    Our most recent feats of foreign meddling to
    “help human rights” and secure “freedom” and “punish tyrants” include bombing
    Libya (on BO’s orders and with complete GOP and Democratic Establishment
    backing) a country that had not attacked us or threatened to attack us, deposing
    its ruler, and causing a terrible chaos that has led to the burning of our embassy
    in Benghazi and the killing of an ambassador and other Americans and to the
    filtering of weapons to Islamists in Lybia as well as Mali and other African
    nations. Great success. In Iraq, on Bush
    Jr.’s orders and with complete GOP backing, we bombed and invaded a country
    that had not attacked us or threatened to attack us and deposed another guy and
    created a similar ongoing chaos that has resulted in the destruction of the
    Christian population of Iraq. We are doing the

    same in Syria, a country that has not attacked us or threatened to attack

    us, by supporting the Islamists (on BO’s orders and with almost complete GOP
    and Democratic Establishment backing), who are destroying the Christian
    population there too, with our help. In Serbia, on Bill the Sexual Predator
    Clinton’s orders and the backing of the entire GOP and Democratic
    Establishment, we bombed to smithereens a nation

    that had not attacked us and approved a referendum that gave independence to

    Kosovo, now a Muslim state in the midst of Europe, from Serbia, a Christian
    nation, to which it had belonged for centuries. Now we dont like a referendum
    in Crimea. And now, under BO, again with almost total GOP and Democratic Party
    support, we want to “punish” Russia, a country that has not attacked
    us or threatened to attack us. Give us a break. Enough.

  • Amused

    In summary:

    Obama is weak.
    Obama is a blowhard.

    In summary, summary:

    Obama is a weak blowhard!


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