"Top Gun" Diplomacy
Vietnam, Philippines Fight China with Beer and Volleyball
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  • gabrielsyme

    This has to be the best foreign-policy story I’ve seen this year. China looks even more aggressive and unreasonable when it’s protesting against a beach party of international friendship.

    • Jim__L

      If China’s naval buildup is not countered with real hardware on the part of the countries of the western Pacific, it really isn’t going to matter how “aggressive” or “unreasonable” China looks.

      • gabrielsyme

        I completely agree, but the optics do matter inasmuch as they help to unite resistence to China’s imperialist project and bring attention to the issue in Western capitals. It’s a smallish thing, but a positive one.

        • Jim__L

          Fair enough.

          I’ve just seen too much soft “power” rhetoric floating around to be completely happy with someone talking about using “beer and volleyball” to stand against a determined enemy.

  • I never knew a beach party could undermine peace and stability.

    Is Premier Li Kequiang referring to the peace ark and their donations to the Philippines during Typhoon Haiyan when he said, “We Chinese believe in repaying kindness with kindness and meeting wrongdoing with justice?” So, am I to understand that they were only taking advantage of the situation rather than truly helping?

    If the Chinese believe in repaying kindness with kindness, then how does that explain the fact that good Samaritans are being blamed by a victim’s family for whatever mishap that has befallen the victim in the hopes of extorting money from the good Samaritan? Isn’t that why Chinese citizens would rather not help victims for fear of extortion?

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