Nabbing Fugitive Methane
Introducing the Cow of the Future
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  • Boritz

    The same people who are against teaching abstinence because kids are just gonna have sex no matter what are trying to get cows to stop creating gas? I’m glad they found their ambition but really.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    First, worrying about methane gas because of the greatest hoax in history “Global Warming” is just stupid. Second, blaming cows is just as wrong as blaming the dog for every fart, what about all the other animals on the planet? What about the decaying biomass in every ecology on the planet? What about bacteria the organism responsible for producing all this gas? What about all the methane being produced in the oceans? The billions of tons of methane hydrate ice trapped in the sea beds is just a fraction of the actual amount of the methane that was released.

  • rheddles

    If they were really worried about methane Congress would be in session only 90 days per year.

  • Breif2

    “the biggest single source of U.S. methane emissions …: nearly 90 million cattle”

    These enemies of the planet must be eliminated! I am doing my best, but I suffer from a limited budget. Now you too can help save the planet by contributing to the “Buy Breif2 a Steak” fund.

    • Honk

      Sorry, Gaia… I can’t… me stomach is too *blearg*… ugh…

  • Jack

    Didn’t we once have 300 million bison roaming the North american continent alone? What about the huge herds of animals roaming across the African savannas? Were they all fart free? Methane gas concerns are a hoax. If you ignore history then you can overlook these and other inconvenient facts, like the Medieval Warm period, when they grazed livestock in Greenland and made wine in Britain.

  • free_agent

    Ali G gave the proper answer: Outfit cattle with catalytic converters!

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