The Francis Era
Pope Puts Luxury Spending On Notice
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  • Pete

    “Resentment towards clerical luxury and church wealth has long poisoned the Catholic brand.”

    The Vatican is the height of opulence. They live like medieval princes there while constantly squeezing money out of the faithful for … what else … the ‘poor.’.

    • Andrew Allison

      Sort of like Congress [/grin]

      • Jim__L

        If only they squeezed money from their true believers, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

  • Corlyss

    “less clerical decadence on the local level”

    Da*m*ning with faint criticism, no doubt. The Pope usually don’t interfere with locals much. The best description I’ve ever read of Catholic Church opulence was in Tuchman’s last book, March of Folly. It wasn’t reliable as an analysis of Viet Nam, far from it, but she was on pretty safe scholarly ground in the run up to the Reformation. I always liked James Burke’s discussion of the role Frilly Knickers played in the downfall of the Church as well. What a hoot that was!

  • motoguzzi

    Before you criticize the behavior of others, it is best to be sure that your own house is in order. This applies to all officials, sacred and secular.

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