The New Economy
Winter Is Already Here for Big Brands
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  • Anthony

    Human life is less an affair of institutions and systems than of people and their motivations and consciousness. Perhaps Fordist transitions have changed interplay between consumers and producers; time will tell

  • Corlyss

    “less susceptible to the charms of traditional advertising”

    I think if the assumptions behind this assertion were examined in the literature on the subject of advertising effectiveness, it would be found to be false and misleading. Vance Packard aside, people can’t be compelled by clever advertising to buy things they don’t need or want. Experience has always trumped advertising.

  • TalkTalkTalkType

    Does every snippet of fact from a newsfeed have to be remanufactured into a factoid proving the failure of the “Blue Model/Fordist America”? So if hipsters suddenly decide Gillette is cool and shave every day, is that the triumph of the Blue/Fordist/Smooth/Hairless/Metrosexual model? A statistic is not a revelation, or even a trend.

  • Anthony

    Observation that is neither Blue model/Fordist but perhaps sui generis and related to topic: “In the selection and purchase of goods and services, the disorganized public is led in some cases by necessity, in others by the quest for convenience and comfort and, at times, by the attraction of dispensable diversion and luxury. Beyond these ends it may, too, as advertisers well realize, be led by the prospect of purely imaginary and illusory advantages, as that women will become intensely amorous at the sight of men who use certain…”

  • mgoodfel

    I think the country is also getting older, and the ethnic mix is changing. That changes the mix of products we buy.

  • Curious Mayhem

    This aspect of the Blue Model has been declining since the 2001 recession. It’s changing demographics and an overindebted consumer looking for value.

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