All Aboard the Train to Pyongyang
Russia and Norks Sign Trade Agreement
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  • gabrielsyme

    We are quickly learning that Russia has both a greater ability and a greater willingness to act against Western interests than vice versa.

    It is about time that the West, and America in particular, rethought its mindless policy of containment of Russia and considers how to focus on our mutual interests, which are actually pretty strong. Of course, if the West considers post-nationalism, secularism and social liberalism to be its core interests, there will be no possibility of constructive engagement.

  • stefanstackhouse

    If their friendship with the Norks is not sufficiently satisfying, I’m sure we could head to the swamps and dredge up a bunch of leaches that we could ship to them as a present.

  • free_agent

    This sounds like what business leaders call “Adding strength to strength.”, that is, one marginal economy cutting a deal with a moribund economy.

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