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United Nations: Forget Syria, Let’s Save the Whales
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  • Andrew Allison

    To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, the impotent in pursuit of the irrelevant.

  • gabrielsyme

    The sarcasm is unwarranted. It’s best that the UN act in areas where it a) has competence and b) will have a real effect. This is actually a good example of the UN doing something useful, as opposed to pontificating uselessly.

    • Jim__L

      Good point. Although one could be excused for holding out non-zero hope that the UN could be a useful forum here, hope being a virtue and all.

  • JC

    Its likely to be a Pyrrhic victory as the world finally begins to understand why the Minke whales are sometimes called “the Cockroach of the Oceans”.. it is not in any danger of depletion.

    What now becomes interesting is Northern Hemisphere whaling where Minke and other whales are fewer but harvested by European nations.. we wouldn’t want the world to think whaling restrictions only apply to Japs.. would we?


  • qet

    The UN did not have to kill any whales to save others. Any solution in Syria would require killing some people to save others. This is an unbridgeable moral chasm in our time.

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