Arming the Syrian Rebels
Has Obama Joined the Saudis in Supporting Syria?
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  • Andrew Allison
  • Arkeygeezer

    Inaction is exactly what the President should do. If Saudi Arabia wants to fight a war with Iran, we’ll be glad to hold their robes.

  • Fat_Man

    I am sure he talked out of both sides of his mouth to the Saudis. It might sound to the gullible like he was making a commitment, but the wise do not believe a word he says.

  • gabrielsyme

    Wonderful, we can look forward to the Syrian Civil War dragging out even longer; but if we’re lucky, and Saudi Arabia and the Obama administration actually effectively support a rebel victory, we can look forward to a future of reprisals against the Shia, Druze, Christians and Alawites.

    If we’re lucky, most of the Christians will be able to flee the country and we’ll be left with another Sunni country that has successfully disposed of its Christian peoples – but not one that accomplished it by genocide.

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