Fixing the Schools
Brookings Report Throws Cold Water on Common Core Hopes
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  • rheddles

    Liberals against standards in education. Whooda thunk?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Whatever happened to the States being the “Laboratories of Democracy”? I don’t like the fact that the Federal Government is trying to ram all kinds of standards and regulations down the States throats, in direct violation of the Constitution that never authorized or gave power to the Federal Government over Education or in dozens of other areas. The 9th and 10th Amendments were supposed to protect the States and the People from a power hungry central government and the Tyranny such a concentration of power creates. I blame the Supreme court Justices, who are clearly subservient to the desires and hunger for power of the Executive and Legislative branches, or they would never have been chosen to serve.

  • Jim__L

    Common Core, for math at least, emphasizes turning kids into math teachers, rather than mathematicians.

    The two are not the same.

    Kids who are actually good at math are penalized under Common Core, if their verbal abilities do not match their mathematical talents.

    This is the way to turn kids off of math. Common Core needs to be discontinued.

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