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Russia Warns: We’ll Play the Iran Card Against U.S., EU
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  • Pete

    Putin is taking Obama’s capital pieces without even losing a pawn.

  • Philip Mead

    Let’s have a referendum on annexing Cuba. Of course, all Cuban Americans should get a vote. In Putin’s words, “Crimea [Cuba] has always been in our hearts and minds” and the poor misguided Cubans have long been meddling in our sphere of influence. While holding the referendum, we will surround our island brothers with warships to safeguard the integrity of the voting process and perhaps test a few icbms to make sure they still work properly. Once the Cubans receive the benefits of spanking new casinos, resorts and tourism dollars, and can sell their cigars to their northern comrades, I’m sure everyone will agree that they are much better off. And clearly Venezuela too has long been in our hearts and minds…

  • stefanstackhouse

    Since Russia has violated its commitments in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, and has violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, it has proven itself to be an unreliable negotiating partner. It is pointless and foolish to continue to engage them in ANY negotiations unless and until we see a genuine and substantive change of course. If they want to ally with Iran, then we’ll just have to do with what we perceive to be in our national interests without regard for what the Russians might think.

    The Iranians might want to think twice before entering into an embrace with the bear. Russian bears can crush those they embrace. The bear has considered northern Iran, at least, to be part of its home range within recent history, and has always dreamed of fishing in the Gulf.

  • rheddles

    Like Russia has been cooperating against Iran.

    He had a choice between dishonour and war. He chose dishonour. Now he shall have war.

  • Iran will leap at the chance to take advantage of the Ukraine crisis by joining itself at the hip with Putin in opposing the West. It’s the height of irony that while Rouhani makes all of these public overtures as a moderate to the West, he in fact is skillfully taking advantage of this crisis to gain further sanctions relief all while keeping Iran’s nuclear weapons research program largely intact.

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