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New York Blues
Bill de Blasio Suffering Hollande-like Slide in Approval

New York City lefty Mayor Bill de Blasio was elected in a landslide with more than 73 percent of the vote last November. Yet after only two months on the job, his approval rating has been cut nearly in half, with only 39 percent of city voters expressing approval of the job he has done so far. As the WSJ notes, this is considerably lower than his predecessor’s approval ratings at this time in his tenure, although he is still personally relatively popular:

“He still [has] a lot to do to convince people that he’s on top of the managing of the city and literally making positive changes—that’s not coming through yet to people,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.

If there’s any silver lining in this for the Mayor, it’s that he isn’t the only one feeling the pain. Discontent with incumbent politicians is at a record high around the country, and closer to home, the more centrist Governor Andrew Cuomo is seeing his approval slide as well (though not as fast or as low as de Blasio’s). There’s also still plenty of time for de Blasio to turn things around around by scoring some big victories. It’s too soon for the Mayor or the far-left Democrats he represents to panic.

But this is a brutal start. For a worst-case scenario, consider the rapid slide of President François Hollande—another far-left candidate who swept into office in a landslide. He saw his approval rating crater within months of taking office; it now sits at an atrocious 19 percent.

If De Blasio’s brand of left-wing politics can’t find support in one of the country’s most liberal cities, this movement is in trouble.

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  • rheddles

    That’s what happens when only 24% of the voters turnout. Maybe New Yorkers will pay more attention at the next election. Too bad for them it’s so far away.

  • Corlyss

    Well, what a shame for NYers. And, like those of us smarter more discerning folks stuck with an administration we knew would be bad to disastrous for America, they’re stuck with him. I’d like to be sympathetic, but that’s what happens when the media and the voters don’t function in their proper roles in our representative democracy. I would take heart in the possibility of learning, but somehow learning never seems to happen among voters in regards to Democrats.

    “It’s too soon for the Mayor or the far-left Democrats he represents to panic.”

    Maybe so, but discerning voters began to panic on election eve.

    Let’s hope that stately Mead Manor has a gate or at least a couple of side arms and a rifle or two.

  • Jim__L


  • William Hofmeister

    And the writer’s dependence on the word “more” in centrist reminds me of Bill Clinton’s meaning of the word “is”. Cuomo is in no way a centrist, but an extreme leftist. Being half a step to the right of Stalin or Mao does not make you a centrist.

  • Steve Gregg

    So begins New York City’s painful education in the bad effects of socialism. They voted for the socialist and now they are getting a face full of socialism and find it is not to their taste.

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