Credibility on the line
Ukraine Crisis Will Reverberate in Middle East and Beyond
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  • Jim__L

    And then, with enough broken windows in the neighborhood…

  • rheddles

    Do you really think that no one else in the world knew that Obama could be rolled until Ukraine? Put your keyboard away.

  • Anthony

    What appears to reverberate is a little bit of knowledge and an irascible anti disposition reflecting editorial prerogative in also on the American interest.

    • Gene

      Would you care to try again?

      • Anthony

        Res ipsa loquitur. – thanks (I’m done here).

      • f1b0nacc1

        Ever notice when you corner this idiot, he runs away?

  • Andrew Allison

    Credibility? What credibility?

  • free_agent

    Looks like we’re going into a Carter moment. What ass-kicker will be elected in 2016?

  • lukelea

    Nah, as long as Russia just sticks to the Crimea this whole thing will blow over in less than a year and have practically no consequences as far as Iran is concerned. Assad has already won in Syria (probably the least bad result in my opinion) and if anything the arrow of causation runs the other way.

  • DougPage
  • Corlyss
    As with the Soviet/Russia apologist, Stephen Cohen, there’s nothing wrong with their voicing their opinions on events, but it would be nice to know if they are being paid to have those opinions or just hopelessly naïve. Last week Cohen said Putin had no intention of invading Ukraine. None whatever. I thought at the time, “He’s kiddin’, right? After Georgia? He’s gotta be kidding.”

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