So Much for the Pivot
DoD Official: Pivot to Asia "Can’t Happen"
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  • Jim__L

    Utopian domestic priorities are causing the collapse of the Pax Americana.

    The chance that the next large war will be caused by anything other than this administration’s incompetence is vanishingly small.

  • Andrew Allison

    Becomes seen as a paper tiger? Surely he meant is seen as a paper tiger.

  • Anthony

    “The pivot to Asia, this rebalancing of U.S. diplomatic and military efforts from West to East, was intended to show that the United States was still capable of sober and rational calculation of its interests and capabilities…In a world accustomed to seeing the American superpower wielding influence everywhere at once, the notion of pivoting from one region to another has been deeply unsettling – to everyone.” Perhaps, pivot to Asia has become capture of other foreign policy realities and anxieties.

    • Jim__L

      If we weaken ourselves as this administration has been, we’re going to have to learn to prioritize our “foreign policy realities and anxieties”. An argument could be made that a pivot to Asia is necessary even if it means letting some of Europe and the Middle East go.

      Or, we could stop weakening our ability to project power because we’re chasing utopian, bottomless-pit domestic priorities.

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