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Why Pediatricians Hate Health Clinics (and Why We Should Love Them)
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  • Agim Zabeli

    Hear, hear. This weekend Mrs. Zabeli had a very bad allergic reaction to something or other. It was Sunday morning. Clinic or ER; them’s the choices under such circumstances. Short wait, low cost, doctor seen, treatment started. We didn’t have to use a hospital or put her primary doctor in the position of having to decide whether to prescribe something based on symptoms described over the telephone.

    If health clinics didn’t exist someone would have to invent them.

  • free_agent

    You write, “the concept of a ‘medical home,’ where patients have a personal physician who knows them well and coordinates all their care”.

    Heh… In marketing, it’s called “bundling” (, that is, the commitment to get all of your goods/services of a particular general type from one and only one vendor. It’s well-known as a way to increase the total income of vendors.

    • free_agent

      A study came out a few days ago. It said that “having a medical home” doesn’t improve health status noticeably.

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