Chavismo's Aftermath
Venezuelan Protestors Dig in for Long Struggle
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  • free_agent

    What are the main factions? What is the group that supports Chavismo? It must be fairly large, or else it couldn’t maintain a grip on power.

  • Jim__L

    Not a player in the Great Game? Aren’t they at least a regional energy supplier?

  • Pete

    See what ‘social justice’ can do to a country.

  • Fat_Man

    If the Monroe doctrine meant anything, and if the Fair Play for Cuba Committee were not ensconced in the White House and State Department, we would send a couple of MEUs to Venezuaila, and see to it that they installed a liberal free market government.

    Venezuela is in our back yard and we need the availability of its baseball players* and its energy resources.

    *Miguel Cabrera, enough said.

  • gabrielsyme

    It’s easy to see this process repeating itself. Chavez was so successful at cultivating his base of support that it’s easy to see a Chavezista government returning to power democratically after an interregnum.

    It will take a smart and successful post-Maduro government to create a stable Venezuela for the long term. Not necessarily a good bet.

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