Syria Policy Fail
WaPo Slams Kerry’s Syria Initiative: "Transparently Futile"
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Thank you for pointing out that Kerry and Obama are narcissistic idiots. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for them to learn from their mistakes however, as I haven’t seen any evidence that they can.

    • free_agent

      Obama seems to have suffered the sad fate of being launched into the well-educated, liberal-leaning “professional” class, where people can safely assume that the people they are dealing with are at least somewhat well-meaning and will avoid violence at all costs. I doubt that he will learn enough to become more effective in the remaining three years of his term.

      I’m wondering how Pres. Hillary will do. On Bill’s watch, she got to see a lot of ugly foreign policy up close, and I don’t think Hillary overestimates how well-meaning humans are.

      • Jim__L

        Can you point to anything in Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State that gives you any hope that she would be effective in the way you imagine?

        “President Hillary” would be a continued disaster for American foreign policy.

        • free_agent

          There seems to have been fewer cock-ups during Hillary’s tenure as Sec of State than Kerry’s.

          But in any case, a foreign minister is constrained by his leader. Given the record of the Bill Clinton administration (a military action every 6 weeks on the average, I’ve read), I expect Hillary to be considerably more aggressive than Obama. Certainly Hillary won’t make the mistake of assuming that everybody is at heart well-intentioned, and so we only need to improve mutual understanding to prevent trouble (kumbaya…).

          • Jim__L

            Too bad “There seems to have been fewer cock-ups during Hillary’s tenure as Sec of State than Kerry’s” is so long, or you could put it on a campaign button.

            It will still make a great sound bite, though!

          • free_agent

            As a deep believer in the cock-up theory of history, I am very much swayed by the campaign slogan, “Probably won’t mess up as much as the other guy.”

  • LizardLizard

    Their attitude reminds me of the old Mad Magazine: “What, me worry?”

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